Human Meaning and the Moral Life

The Austin Institute
June 16 - 22, 2024

What does it mean to be human? This question is more important than ever in our frenzied age of materialism, unbridled technological advancement, and moral upheaval.

High school students who have finished their sophomore or junior years are invited to participate in a highly-interactive, week-long seminar that plumbs the depths of the human person.

Each day, we will address a different aspect of what it means to be human.
Daily topics will include:

  • A human person is an embodied soul.
  • A human person changes over time, and not always for the better.
  • A human person has a conscience and a moral sense.
  • A human person strives toward a specific goal, happiness.
  • A human person must discriminate between competing claims.

Led by experienced fauculty members, students will examine these topics through both classical philosophical texts and literary works selected to put some flesh on the philosophical concepts we discuss. We will end each day with a concrete application of the concepts we have studied to some contemporary moral issue. For example, the day we discuss the human person as an embodied soul, we will wrestle with contemporary competing claims that the human person is nothing but matter and that the human person is primarily a soul whose material body doesn’t really matter that much. Armed with the wisdom of classic texts, students will leave better prepared to face the world – and more immediately, college.

Classroom instruction will be supplemented with outdoor activities, cultural outings, film viewings, and all the best that Austin has to offer, so students can expect a generous dose of fun mixed in with their study.

Application deadline: March 1, 2024