Moral Life and the Classical Tradition

The Witherspoon Institute
July 7-13, 2024

The Moral Life and the Classical Tradition Seminar is a week-long program for rising high school juniors and seniors as well as rising college freshmen interested in the ancient philosophical tradition and its influence in the Christian moral life. The seminar is offered to both young men and young women, although their seminars take place separately (see dates above). Both the young men and the young women study two tracks:

1. Classical Moral Philosophy: This track explores Plato’s MenoSymposiumApologyCrito, and Euthyphro as well as selections from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Politics.

2. Contemporary Issues in Moral Thought: This track consists of discussions and readings on the foundations of Judeo-Christian moral tradition, including the relationship of faith and reason, the Judeo-Christian tradition and scientific inquiry, sexual ethics, marriage and family, and biomedical ethics.

Both courses will consist of a great deal of discussion and interaction between the students and the teacher; therefore, students are expected to be well prepared by reading and understanding beforehand the assigned readings. Readings for the seminar will be provided about one month in advance of the seminar. Classes will be supplemented with quiet time for study and with extracurricular activities such as sports, cultural outings, and opportunities for spiritual reflection.

The Moral Life and the Classical Tradition Seminar is a challenging intellectual experience that brings high school students into direct contact with serious scholars of the humanities.

Application deadline: February 2, 2024